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Impressions “Mondsichelnacht” August 20

We had the pleasure to perform @ Mondsichelnacht in Selb. Nice event, nice people!

Thanx to Uwe von Dorn & Jojo Benker for providing the pics!

Secret operators

Finally we’ve managed to take some band shots!

Secret Source is Greta (vocals), Oli (Guitars), Bernd (Drums), Dr. Wok (visuals), marQs (bass + additives) – now you know how we look😉

Live shows

24.06.16 Zur Linde, Hof with MANON MEURT

29.07.16 Ballonfabrik, Augsburg with BENT KNEE

06.08.16 Sticky Fingers Festival, Brand 

20.08.16 Mondsichelnacht, Selb

19.11.16 Filmwerk, Helmbrechts (with Annii)


Hello world, here it is – a brandnew song with a cute little video. Come, lezz go flippin’ sides!

While it seems…

… that we’re sleeping, we’re in fact working on new material😉

New EP available

Finally we’ve released three new songs. We planned to link the release to publishing a new video but as we are… pretty busy… the video will follow later. For now just enjoy ROTATING!

Secret Source @ Hoftexplosion

Another gig has happened! We played live at Hoftexplosion: https://www.facebook.com/events/353913051473062/

Sorry that we didn’t even anounce it on our own site but… we have so much life that it’s hard to follow up with its pure documentation.

At least some pictures will follow (some already did – thanks to KarinKa!) – where you definately won’t hear how freaky cavelike that concrete hall sounded😉

Thanks and respect to the makers of this extraordinary event who united perfomance, painting, poetry, dance, skating, music and what not by creating a beautiful ambience in an originally non-sexy industrial building! Keep the good vibes coming!


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